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I would like to tell you a story: One Hundred Years of the Bottle Mula

It was 1892 when Giacomo Montresor founded the Montresor Cellars, thus starting the path of excellence that has
led us to date: 2021. In these 129 years of history, another milestone is particularly precious to us.
Prominent historical events that closely connected with the private soul of the company, the Montresor family and
the people who have surrounded this small world, making it unique and simply extraordinary.
Small steps, imperceptible at times, made us travel a long journey; one of these moments happened in 1921.

The drawing of the bottle Mula

A simple sketch born from Giacomo’s pencil gave life to one of Montresor’s iconic symbols: the Mula bottle.
For years it was the most precious bottle for the finest wines that Montresor ever produced; the beloved “Rustego”,
a wine that with its authenticity and pureness enclosed the essence of the Valpolicella territory, and obviously the
Amarone, in those times called “Recioto Amaro”, which peeped out on the international markets.

100 years of history

Today, after 100 years, we are celebrating this milestone anniversary, which reminds us of how important is the
legacy that Giacomo Montresor left us; just like the vineyard, which turns its fruits to the future yet deeply ingrained
in the terroir with its roots.
We decided to celebrate this anniversary with a limited edition of Amarone Satinato, adding a touch of the past to its
“dress”; the frosted finish, the coat of arms, the ancient character, and the gilded colors, all bring us back with their
extraordinary visual impact to the origins of this wine in 1921.

Unmistakable style…

The 2011 vintage completes the sensory experience featuring ten years of aging for an extraordinary harvest marked
by strong and characteristic flavors and aromas. Warm and charming, it envelops the palate with its distinct hints of
officinal herbs and dried fruit, making the unmistakable Montresor style truly stand out.