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In 1892 Giacomo Montresor founded the Giacomo Montresor Cellars, giving life to a production that, since then and until today, is an identity expression of its origins: an identity and a style unlike any other.

Discover the Montresor cellars
museo del vino Montresor



Visit our Wine Museum,
a unique experience in the name of tradition,
culture and territory!

Tasting Tour

Hospitality and Welcome: The choice of the Company was to open the doors of its winery to let guests discover its wine, its history and its territory. Hospitality for Montresor became an integral part of the winery's philosophy and encompasses a tour of the winery, from the pressing and fermentation to the ancient grape drying systems to a tour of the underground cellars for aging and refining of the great wines. A guided wine tasting session follows the tour with a pairing of wines and traditional cold cuts and local cheeses. Our clients may purchase the products directly from our point of sales.



the valleys from

many cellars

Already in the second century. BC, the beginning of the Roman domination, it was noticed the particular land suitable for the cultivation of the vine. A unique and multifaceted terrain, formed by flat areas, hills and a mountain area that frames it and protects it from harsh winters and sudden changes in climate.

This multifaceted diversity is the basis of the great originality and variety of the wines that are born here, expressions of a territory that has known the art of viticulture for over two thousand years.